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Frequently Asked Questions

Here's some questions that we get from time to time.
Click on a question to see the answer or scroll down to view all answers.

For more general questions and answers, also see the
Land Trust Associations, LTA's, Frequently Asked Question page.



Q: What's the difference between OLCT, the Open Space Committee, the Inland/Wetlands Commission and the Nature Conservancy ?

A: OLCT is a private, non-profit organization. The Open Space Committee and Inland/Wetlands Commissions are part of the town of Old Lyme's organizations, with appointed officers.
The Nature Conservancy is also a private, non-profit organization but it operates on a global scale where OLCT is focused on Old Lyme.

Q: Which other organizations do you work with?

A: OLCT is a member of the Land Trust Alliance, LTA ( We work with The Nature Conservancy (, The Gateway Commission, the Town of Old Lyme and the State of Connecticut.

Q: How can I get involved in OLCT?

A: You can become a member and work on one of our committees or as a volunteer.

Q: What kind of educations for the public do you do?

A: We participate in public events such as the Old Lyme Memorial Day Fair and the Old Lyme Midsummer Festival.  We offer quarterly hikes on the town open spaces and describe the flora and fauna that live in our woods.
We also produce information material like brochures and newsletters that are distributed to the people of Old Lyme.

Properties & Trails

Q: Why can't I drive my ATV on your properties and trails?

A: The land suffers erosion and trails become destroyed from the high speed and large tires.  This makes the trails dangerous for anyone else to use.  It may also cause rutting, wetlands damage and plant destruction.

Q: Can I bike on your trails?

A:  In certain trails some biking can be tolerated.  It is best to mountain bike in areas and on trails that are designed for that impact. The Nehantic State forest in East Lyme and Lyme is a good place for that type of fast recreation.

Q: May I bring my pet along on a hike?

A: Yes, if it is under your control at all times.

Q: Who maintains the trails?

A: OLCT does this via it's Stewardship Committee. If you are interested in helping out, you can join our committee or work as a volunteer. Call 434-7676.

Q: What is your view on ticks, mosquitoes, deer, beaver and squirrels?

A: Part of our mission statement is "the preservation of Old Lyme's natural resources" which includes animals and bugs so as a base rule we recommend "tolerance" for any type of wild life, i.e. try to find ways where both we as humans and the wild life can co-exist.
However, if there is a very severe problem in a very specific area, e.g. a group of animals are destroying natural habitats for other species and plants or threatening the public health, we will work with other authorities such as the DEP and the Town of Old Lyme, for the best possible and least intrusive solutions.


Q: Can you give me a better price for my property than I would get in the open market?

A:  Not necessarily price, but we can offer you market value.  More importantly we can help you design a custom plan best suited for your personal and family situation.

Q: What is a conservation easement?

A: A conservation easement is a restriction placed on a piece of property to protect the resources (natural or man-made) associated with the parcel. The easement is either voluntarily sold or donated by the landowner, and constitutes a legally binding agreement that prohibits certain types of development (residential or commercial) from taking place on the land.
See Landowner info for more details.


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