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Please come and visit and enjoy our properties!

For all our convenience and for us to be able to use and enjoy our land for long times to come, please take notice of the following rules and plan accordingly.


In certain trails some biking can be tolerated.  It is best to mountain bike in areas and on trails that are designed for that impact. The Nehantic State forest in East Lyme and Lyme is a good place for that type of fast recreation.


Camping is not allowed on the properties, nor is making a fire.

Cell phones

Cell phone reception might be sporadic and not to be considered reliable in all areas of the parks.

Closing times

The parks close at sunset if not otherwise posted, see each park for detailed information.

Dogs - See "Pets"


Always carry out what you carry in, please bring a bag to put your garbage in.

Handicapped access

At present Watch Rock is considered to be accessible by those in wheelchairs however due to frequent downpours and other erosion problems, the trails are not always passable. The Old Lyme Conservation Trust, attempts to maintain the property in an adaptable condition for those restricted in mobility. Please travel with a companion.


Hunting, trapping or carrying any type of firearm is not permitted on any of the OLCT properties.

Liability information

VISITING ANY OF THE OLCT PROPERTIES IS AT YOUR OWN RISK. The Old Lyme Conservation Trust assume no responsibility while visiting any of our properties.

Trail markings and signs are provided in some places and many trails are considered to be along flat terrain however rises in the lay of the land are slippery when wet and considered to be passable for those wearing footwear recommended for hiking.

Motorized Vehicles

All forms of motorized vehicles, ATV's, scooters, mopeds, motorcycles, ORV's, snowmobiles, autos and trucks, are banned from all properties owned and managed by OLCT.


Pets are allowed but need to be under your full control at all times. Owners are expected to leave the trails passable for other hikers so please clean up after your pets.

Rest rooms

Rest room facilities are not provided on most properties. However, OLCT is providing a port-a-potty during the summer season at the Watch Rock Preserve.


Bring your own water as the streams are not considered to have potable water.


NOTE: Advisory

Entering upon any land preserve property is at your own risk.  Stewards of these properties make every effort to ensure safety, but these are wild woodlands with many natural features that need your attention to avoid injury. 

Please stay on the trails as bull briers, poison ivy, poison oak, and thorn bush are waiting for the person who strays.  Wear proper foot ware.  We recommend long pants with cuffs tucked into socks.

Check yourself for ticks after your hike.  Use cellophane tape to remove them from your clothes and dispose of them.

While hunting is not permitted on the nature preserves, it is wise to wear day-glo orange while hiking, bicycling, or running through the woods during hunting season. 



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