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Properties - OverviewMary Griswold Steube Fishway, Old Lyme, CT

The Old Lyme Conservation Trust, OLCT, owns over 70 properties covering about 700 acres of land in Old Lyme.

As a comparison, Old Lyme as a whole consists of about 16,000 acres of land, 4,000 of which are considered wetlands (wetlands include lakes, ponds, streams, marshes and bogs).

The following are the largest parcels accessible for the public with parking and trails, click on each property name for more information:

  1. The Lay property (185 acres, owned by the Nature Conservancy)
  2. The George & Woodward H. Griswold Preserve (51 acres)
  3. The Jericho Preserve (50 acres)
  4. The Lohmann Buck Twining Preserve (46 acres)    NEW!
  5. The Connecticut Galaxy property (45.2 acres)
  6. The Mile Creek Preserve (44 acres)
  7. The Goberis property (25.8 acres)
  8. Elizabeth B. Karter Watch Rock Preserve (25.3 acres)
  9. The Hoffman property (23.7 acres)
  10. The Founders Way property (16.02 acres)

Property overview map

Note: This map is not an exact map but to be used for basic orientation only, please see directions and map references under each property for detailed locations.
Click on a property number in the map to go the corresponding property page.



Biking, pets, handicap access and more - see our General Information A-Z section.

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